User Features

User Features

Penny Auctions

Penny Auctions are very profitable and now you can run your own Penny Auction website. This allows you to charge for bids on auction listings. Users must fund their account before they can bid on Penny Auction listings.

Simple Auctions

Your users can sell an item as a Standard Auction or list their item at a Fixed Price. 

Reverse Auctions

Let your suppliers bid for the lowest price.

Schedule auctions

Specify Start and End Dates for your auction

Buy Now

Users can add a Buy Now feature to their listing if you have it enabled. You can charge for these style features as well.

Reserve Price

Users can add a Reserve Price to their listing if you have it enabled. You can charge for these style features as well.

Category Search

Users can drill through the Categories searching for specific items in the auction listings.

Advanced Search

Users can search via a keyword search or drill down through the categories. They can also use a Tag Search.

Buy And Sell Items

Compatible with WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin. Users can buy and sell items in eBay style auctions. They simply register, login and list their items and its done.

Digital Downloads

If you sell e-books, software, images, you don’t need to handle delivery manually. This plugin supports digital downloads so your auction winner can download the final product after successfully winning the auction.

PayPal, Stripe & more...

Works with popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and many more…

SEO Friendly URL’s

Starting from version 2.7, all the links are SEO Friendly. Also, any time a new listing is created, the title of the listing is now SEO Friendly too.


Draft Listing

Your users can save a listing as a draft so that they can come back later to edit it. A listing would have to be paid for before it becomes a active listing on your auction site.

Tag Search

Users can browse via the most used keywords (Tags) on the auction. A click of that Tag will show all the auctions that have those Tags (Keywords) in them.

Internal Invoicing

When a Seller sells an item then the Buyer who wins the item is automatically sent an invoice and that invoice includes the Sellers Paypal information. The invoice also includes the link for payment via PayPal.

Coming Soon …

Listing Watch

Users can now add any Listing to their Favorites so that they can watch them. Favorite Listings that are on a users Favorite list will notify the watcher before the Listing expires.

Coming Soon …

Internal Email

Your users can email each other with our enhanced Internal Email system. All the features you need in an Internal Email System.

Coming Soon …

Featured Listings

Users can pay for Featured Listings where their listings will be featured on the main page of the auction site. These are the first auction listings that appear when you go to your auction site.

Coming Soon …

Sidebar Featured

Your users can also pay to have their auction listing appear on the sidebar of the site. You can see this in the demo. This can be turned off/on via the Admin Area.

Coming Soon …

New Listings

This area shows all the New Listings on your auction site.

Coming Soon …

Most Active Listings

This area shows the most Active Listings on your auction site. Most Active means auctions that get the most views/bids.

Coming Soon …

Ending Soon Listings

This area shows all the auctions that are Ending Soon. These auctions are shown based on an ending period that can be set in the admin area. The default is 5 days.

Coming Soon …

Just Ended Listings

This area shows all the Just Ended listings on your auction site. These listings will be auction listings that were sold or unsold.

Coming Soon …

Charge to get auction listed

If you’re charging for auction listings then they are in Pending status and when paid, they go to Active Status and are visible to searches.

Coming Soon …

Transaction Process

When a Buyer buys a listing, he is presented with a step by step transaction process. The buyer wins listing. Seller sends Invoice. Buyer Pays Invoice. Seller ships item. Complete with a check status to ensure a proper transaction.

Coming Soon …

Feature Options

Users can enhance their listings with options like Bold, Featured, Featured Sidebar, Picture Galleries, Category Featured, Reserved Price and more. It’s up to you what features you enable/charge for.

Coming Soon …

Picture Gallery Options

If enabled, users can add Picture Galleries to their listings. This extends the default picture upload to an actual gallery.

Coming Soon …

Buyer/Seller Feedback

Buyers and Sellers can now see all of their feedback on the auction site. Users can see these before buying their listings.

Coming Soon …

Bid Watch

Users can add any listing to their favorites simply by clicking on “Watch Listing”.

Coming Soon …

Member Profiles

Users can view all users profiles on the system. Shows their username, avatar, location and all of their feedback.

Coming Soon …

Quick Search Widget

The Quick Search Widget allows for users to do quick searches from the sidebar for listings within your auction.

Coming Soon …

Internal Listing Alerts

Your users will get up to date alerts for all of their listings on the auction site.

Coming Soon …

Featured Listing Widget

The Featured Listing Widget allows for Featured Listings to appear in the sidebar area of WordPress. This could be a chargeable feature if you enabled it via the Admin Area.

Coming Soon …

Internal Email Alert

Users will get a popup notification wherever they are on the auction site letting them know that they have new email.

Coming Soon …

Prevent Sniping

You can extend an auction’s end time if someone bids within the last ‘n’ minutes.

Coming Soon …

Private Messages

Bidders and auction owners can exchange private messages.

Coming Soon …