The easiest WordPress plugin to set up pre-paid Penny Auctions.

WordPress Penny Auction Plugin
"This was exactly what I was looking for. WP Auction Software has provided me with features and functionalities that makes a perfect auctions site."
Darryl Lane

How Does It Work?

WordPress Admin or Vendors Create a Simple Auction

Creating a simple, forward auction is easy. And your WordPress admin, or shop-manager. Reverse auctions are a WooCommerce product type that can be configured using the familiar WooCommerce interface.

WooCommerce Penny Auction Product

Admins Promote auctions via WordPress Widgets

The Woo Auction Software plugin comes with special widgets to promote new, upcoming and ending soon auctions. This helps create interest and get more bids from auction participants.

Participants purchase prepaid bid packages

Auction participants purchase pre-paid bid packages before bidding on penny auctions. Admins and shop managers can create custom bid packages.

Participants Login to Bid

Users register & login securely using the standard WordPress + WooCommerce registration process to place their bids. They can also access their bids, history and other details from the My Account area.

Authenticated participants place their bids

Logged in users can now place bids with small increments on their favorite auction items. Penny auctions are automatically extended by the pre-configured amount of time every time someone bids on it.

WordPress Penny Auction History

The highest bidding participant wins

When the auction ends at the scheduled end time, the participant with the higest bid wins the auction. Admins can set a reserve price which must be met. Winning bidder is then sent an email and can pay via escrow or a payment gateway of your choice.

"Thank you so much for helping us get it setup. The Woo Auction Software Plugin is awesome!"
Christian Jillie


Ebay Style Auctions

Fully supports vendor marketplace auctions where users can create their own auctions.

Escrow payments

Set up an account to accept payments securely. Prevents fraudulent auction bids.

Every Payment Method

Fully compatible with WooCommerce payments. Run auctions with almost any payment method.

Email Notifications

Participants are automatically sent configurable emails, before and after auctions begin or end.

Bid Watchlist

Users can keeps track of bids happening on their favorite auctions by adding them to a watch list.

Promotion Widgets

Admins can promote auctions using the starting soon, ending soon and upcoming auctions widgets.

Reserve Price

All auction types come with a reserve price which must be met by the winning bid to win the auction.

Buy Now Price

Comes with a buy now price. Users can directly purchase the item at this price without bidding.

Relist Auctions

The plugin comes with an option to automatically re-list the auction if the reserve price is not met.

Easy User Interface

Set up an auction in minutes with the already familiar WordPress & WooCommerce interface.

Safe Authentication

Users are securely logged in before they can bid using inbuilt WooCommerce user management.

Prevent Sniping

Automatically extends auctions by a custom period to prevent last minutes bids and sniping.

Ready to launch your Penny Auction website with Woo Auction Software?