WP AuctionSoftware Release Log

This blog is a release log for WPAuctionSoftware. We keep updating this blog as soon as we release a new version. This will help you keep a track of all the updates.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 5.5.9 Released

With this release, you can now import auctions to your auction site.

Import Auctions to your auction site

WPAuction Software Version 5.5.8 Released

With this release, now you can get an instant email notification for any bid that has taken place on your auction website.

All you need to do is set the email id on which you want to receive the notifications.

WPAuction Software Version 5.5.7 Released

With this release, you can re-list the item which was sold out during the auction. So, if any of your items are popular then you can re-list it on your item bidding list. The re-listing of the item will be for the same period as it was before.

WPAuction Software Version 5.5.4 Released

With this release, admin panel has been redesigned. Also added help text at the back-end.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 5.5.2 Released

With this release, we have enhanced the product by changing the look and feel of the Admin Screen and the layouts in the front-end too.


WPAuctionSoftware Version 5.5 Released

With this release, you can now prevent sniping. For each bid that is placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction, you can extend the auction’s end time by another ‘n’ minutes (you can decide this via settings).

WPAuctionSoftware Version 5.4 Released

Post this release, WPAuctionSoftware uses WordPress cron job. So, you are no longer required to setup a server cron job.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 5.3 Released

With this release

– An issue that used to occur when two or more auctions had the same name has been fixed

– Auction names can now have special characters like dash or dollar sign

WPAuctionSoftware Version 5.2 Released

With this release,  it is possible to show/hide the reserve price for auctions.


WPAuctionSoftware Version 5.1 Released

This release fixes some bugs introduced in the last version related to start & end date.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 5.0 Released

WPAuctionSoftware now lets you set the start date and time and end date of the auctions. This feature makes it possible to schedule auctions.

Adding a new scheduling feature in WPAuctionSoftware

So now the auction period can be set in hours which means you can choose to run an auction for a couple of hours too.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 4.0 Released

Version 4.0 makes it possible to deliver digital products right through the dashboard.This release places a direct download link within the users’ dashboards in case of digital products.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 3.0 Released

WPAuctionSoftware is now WordPress Multisite Compatible.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 2.9.2 Released

WPAuctionSoftware Version 2.9.2 was released on 11th July.

FancyBox Library has been updated with this release. Also, the auctions tab has now been set to display the latest listings by default.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 2.9.1 Released

WP AuctionSoftware upgraded. The length of description text has been increased from 255. You now have the freedom to write pages of text to promote and explain your auction in a better manner.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 2.8 Released

We have just released an update from the previous version of the auction software for WordPress. This new version of the WordPress Auction Plugin has a few fixes as well as a change to the Penny Auction function. We had a few people ask us to make the Penny Auction default if it’s the only auction type selected. So, that’s what we did. Now when you activate only the Penny Auction, you don’t have to worry about users not selecting in during their listing setup. It’s now automatic.

We also replaced the way large images were being opened. We thumbnail the listing image and when a user clicks the image, it opens to the original image. In the past if a image was of a large size like 2000×2000 then it would take up the whole screen. Now if there is a photo over 800 pixels then it will resize it to a set size so that it doesn’t take up the whole page.

That’s what’s in version 2.8 so all you existing customers can get the update from the Updates page.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 2.7 Released

Auction Software 2.7WPAuctionSoftware is pleased to announce the release of version 2.7 of the WordPress Auction Plugin. With new features and functions you’ll just love this new version of the WordPress Auction Software.

New features include new SEO Friendly Permalinks for all menu items as well as new auction listings. We’ve also added a new Penny Auction Feature so you can now run a profitable Penny Auction website. We’ve also optimized all the pages so that they now load a lot faster. We’ve also added Authorize.net Payment Processor so you now have PayPal as well as Authorize.net.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 2.5 Released

Auction Software 2.5WPAuctionSoftware.com is pleased to announce the release of the WordPress Auction Plugin version 2.5. The new version of the Auction Software has had a complete overhaul. We’ve completely removed all the tables and replaced them with div tags making it load faster and work with just about any WordPress Theme out there.

Not only did we make it faster but we added some new features. Some of the new features include Admin Only Ads. This allows only the admin to post ads and lets all registered users bid on the admin items. We also added a new Featured Category and Featured Ads listing at the top of the auctions page. We also made a change where you don’t have to supply your PayPal email to submit a listing. Of course all these features can be turned on and off via the Admin Area.

WPAuctionSoftware Version 2.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of WordPress Auction Software version 2.3. Our WordPress Auction Plugin ver 2.3 is now available for demo via our Auction Software Demo page.

The Auction Software is full of exciting new features that include an internal payment invoice system. There is no need for Sellers to wait to send their payment link information to Buyers. It’s all built in. Buyers are sent an invoice that they can pay and once paid the Seller is immediately notified. These features plus tons more will not only make your new Auction Site cool but it’ll make it profitable too.

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