Stripe Payment Gateway Addon Released

Stripe addon is now available for WPAuctionSoftware Plugin. Besides being PayPal & ready, WPAuctionSoftware can now support Stripe payments too. You can choose to enable either of these 3 payment gateways on your auction site.

With this addon, you can add a payment option in WPAuctionSoftware for customers to pay with their cards via stripe. Stripe addon accept payments on your auction site. Instead of pushing people off your site to pay, Stripe payment gateway allows your users to pay with a simple, well-designed payment pop-up. It provides the option for a more richly featured payment management system. Stripe’s service has been fully integrated within our auction platform, to provide a truly comprehensive range of payment options, control and protection for today’s online auctioneer.

Features of Stripe Payment Gateway:

  • Processes credit cards without sending clients to another site
  • Allows you to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world
  • Secure interaction with Stripe servers keeps your customers’ data safe
  • Seamless checkout experience within your own site; means increased conversions & sales

Advanced features and functionality of Stripe Payment Gateway:

  • Completely integrated online credit & debit card payments.
    All payments are captured directly on your auction website, so the user stays within your domain – ensuring all interaction remains under your branding control.
  • Safe & secure credit & debit card information storage for later use.
    Payment cards and corresponding information can be securely stored, and then reused on another occasion by the bidder, without their needing to re-enter details. There is also the option to hold and use these card details to take automatic or semi-automatic payments from the user post-auction.
  • Full pre-authorisation of payment cards, prior to taking any actual payment.
    This provides the means to pre-authorise users, via their credit & debit card, when they first apply to bid on an auction. Users can therefore be forced to provide these details before they’re allowed to bid.
  • Easy-to-use Stripe control panel.
    A simple administration area that allows you to easily manage payments and all securely stored client information & profiles.
  • Highly competitive charging structure.
    Stripe provides a low market-leading fee of only 2.4% + 20p per transaction. Foreign exchange payments are charged at an extra 2% over standard market exchange-rates.
  • Payments are sent direct to your current account on a 7 day rolling basis.
    Simple and efficient direct bank-transfers mean that no other third-party merchant account is required.
  • Proven fraud protection, security & compliance.
    Stripe actively works to protect your business from fraudulent charges and monitors suspicious transactions, while providing full security and financial compliance.

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