Pitfalls That Auction Sites Should Avoid

Pitfalls That Auction Sites Should Avoid

Pitfalls that Auction Sites should avoid

How is your auction site doing? Are your auctions failing to attract bidders and buyers? Well, that means one thing – you are doing things the wrong way because many other auction sites are getting traffic of bidders and buyers and making a lot of money. But don’t worry, take a look at the following pitfalls that make auction sites fail and see if you can make any improvement to become a better auction site.

Negative Feedback and DSR Rating

If you got negative feedback during your last transaction, chances are you’ll get a low turn up during the next one. Negative feedback basically tarnishes your image and you should definitely expect things to slow for some time. Rather than quitting, try to sell cheap items as you work on recovering your account standing. As a policy at eBay, you earn DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings) the moment you attain 12 feedback ratings.

Failing to Market your Auction Sites

You could be making the most terrible mistake if you are not advertising your services. So, how will potential bidders and buyers know you exist? Keep in mind there are hundreds of other online auctioneers in the same business as you. Develop an auction site marketing system to let people know about your site. Get to know your competitors. If you are new in the business, you might want to find a small niche product with lesser competitors. Competing with giants who sell very expensive products might kill you.

Auction Site – Bad Titles and Product Description

Some sellers are in such a hurry to sell that they use the wrong spelling and grammar for their product title. Bidders might just think you are not serious and bypass you for millions of other items. Also, no one will know what you are talking about if the description is incoherent. Ensure that the spellings are 100% perfect by proofreading the text or running it through a spelling and grammar checker. Write your text in a way that attracts attention.

Poor Images or Lack of the same in Auction Sites

Buyers will be reluctant to bid for items they are not seeing and will also be turned off by poor images. This is particularly important for high-value products. And put yourself in the bidders’ shoes – would you buy something that you have no idea about how it looks like? So, if you want to have successful auctions you must have photographs of the items you are selling and they must be revealing and accurate.

Not keeping adequate records

Once you’re running your auction software and generating revenue, you’ve become a business.  And businesses must keep accurate records for tax purposes, regardless of the entity type they are.  To do so, you could consider a Quickbooks alternative like ZipBooks, which allows you to manage income and expenses easily.
Avoid these blunders and build a successful auction site. Do you have any more tips to share? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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