How Do I Change The End Time Of Auction?

Make Changes Before Auction Bid Starts

These are the things that you can make changes in your auction before bidding starts

The title or description of your auction

The item category

The item’s Minimum Bid price

The item’s Buy It Now price

A Reserve Price (add, change, or remove)

The duration of your listing

The URL address of the picture you’re including with your auction

A Private Auction designation (add or remove it)

Accepted payment methods, payment methods, checkout information, item location, and shipping terms

Make Changes After Auction Bid Starts

You can make some slight modifications if your auction is already running and receiving bids. The original texts and pictures does not get affected because the newly added info is clearly separated from it. You can edit your item’s description anytime even after your item starts receiving bids.

If you feel you were at a loss for words in writing your item’s description or if a lot of potential bidders are asking the same questions, go ahead and make all the addition you want But whatever you put there the first time stays in the description as well.

Follow the same procedure for making changes before bidding begins. You’ll be given the option to add to your description, add features, or add more payment information. Your initial listing will not be changed only appended.

Always check your e-mail to see whether bidders have questions about your item. If a bidder wants to know about flaws, be truthful and courteous when returning e-mails. As you get more familiar with eBay (and with writing auction descriptions), the number of e-mail questions will decrease. If you enjoy good customer service in your day-to-day shopping, here’s your chance to give some back.

Solution – For this you need to change date column value in database. As of now this feature is not available in WPAuction Software .

Please follow these step:
– Update the “date_expiry” column in the wp_mam_auctions table in the MySQL database. After doing this, count-down timer adjusts properly and the item expires from the auction list( change the end time according to your requirement)

-Then run the cron job after you modify the time.

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