Setting Up A Site Like The Auction Demo Site

By default the theme TheCorporation (One on the demo), has the Featured Slider enabled on the home page and Services page. If you want to make it look like the auction demo site, follow these steps.

Create your pages first and then set their order number. That’s the order from zero to whatever so they show up left to right.
Home 0
About 1
Blogs 2
Contact 3

When you create those pages in auction demo site you will see the order number box on it.

1. Go to Appearances, TheCorporation Theme Options.
2. Then go to General Settings tab.
3. Then click on the Home Page tab.
4. Uncheck “Display Services”.
5. Make sure Display “Sidebar Widgets on Homepage” is ENABLED.
6. Now click on the Featured Slider tab.
7. Make sure “Display Featured Slider” is DISABLED.
8. Now go to the tab called Navigation. It’s under General. You’re still in the TheCorporation Theme Options.
9. This shows you all the pages you have created in WP. If you have a Home page created then Uncheck it. Make it red X.
10. Make sure you have “Display Home link” ENABLED.
11. Make sure you have “Show dropdown menus” ENABLED.
12. Make sure you have “Sort Pages Links” set to MENU ORDER.
13. Now click on the “Categories” tab up top.
14. Make sure they all have RED X’s. This keeps the Categories out of the menu bar on the user side.
15. Now go to the tab up top called “General Settings” and make sure “Disable top tier dropdown menu links” is ENABLED.

That is kind of the quick way to make it look like the demo.

Sidebar Widgets:
If you go to Appearance, Wigets then you can remove all the widgets that are there and just drag the Sidebar Login and the MAM Auction Quick Search Widget and MAM Featured Listing Widget to the sidebar.

Keep this in mind, if you create new blog categories then they will by default show up in your menu navigation bar. So, when you create a new blog category, Go to Appearances, TheCorporation Theme Options, Navigation, Categories and uncheck the new category. I would X them all.

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