Successful Auction Site

Successful Auction SiteSo you’ve got the best Auction Software on the market and now you’re needing to run a successful auction site but you’re not sure how to do it or how to run it.

The biggest thing you need to figure out with your auction site is the market you want to go after. Just like there are many different types of dating sites out there, same thing rings true for auction sites. You need to have a niche market auction site if you want to make money. Not unless you have millions and millions of dollars to advertise your general auction site like eBay. I doubt you have that kind of money. So, you need a niche market auction site.

A niche market auction site could be a auction site like old movie posters, old blues music or old beanie babies. If that’s your passion then start that type of auction site. Then you need to market it and you don’t need a lot of money to market your auction site. To have a successful auction site, you want to focus on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and more.

Create a FB page for your site. Create a Twitter account for your site. Start following people related to your market. Don’t follow too many too fast or you’re get blocked from adding more around the 2000 mark. Add about a 100 a week and wait for about 30 of those to follow you back. Slowly build your follow base and Tweet often and Tweet creatively. Don’t put things like what you had for lunch. Talk about your industry and talk about it in a way that people will Retweet your Tweet. Google loves that.

Write blogs on your auction site. Tweet those blog entries. Put those blog entries on your FB page, Google Plus Page and other social media sites like StumbledUpon. Reddit, Digg and more.

The more you use social media, the better your results will be.

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