Auction Software Backup

Do you have a Auction Software Backup strategy? You need to be backing up your auction site. If you have a shared hosting then I can pretty much guarantee that your auction site is not being backed up the right way. Most hosting companies will backup just the server as a whole and they only use it if the server fails. They won’t restore any individual hosting accounts on the server so you’re pretty much left to backup your auction site yourself.

When it comes to backing up your WordPress Auction Plugin, you have a lot of options and one of those options is a WordPress plugin called “BackUpWordPress” by Human Made Limited”. This plugin installs into your auction software just like any other wordpress plugin and allows you to backup your database and your files and even schedule it to run daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It stores them in zip files and puts them into any folder on your server you want. Simply download the zip files and you’ve got your Auction Site Backup.

To install it, just go to WP Admin, then to Plugins and then search for “BackUpWordPress” and make sure it’s the one made by Human Made Limited and then install the backup plugin. Setup your backup to backup the database and the files. You can schedule it to run daily if you have lots of members and you’re posting lots of blogs. The scheduling of your Auction Software backup is up to you.

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