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You’re looking for Auction Software to start your own Niche Market Auction Site right? With our Auction Software you can create any type of niche market auction site that you want and the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s for charity, your school or creating an auction site for movie posters, again, the sky is the limit.

Our Auction Software lets you start a Auction Site of your choice where web users will come to your site and list their auctions. If you have a niche market site like movie posters then people can come to your site to list their movie posters for auction. You can charge for things like Listing the Auction, Photo Gallery, Bold Listings, Featured Listings, Sidebar Listings and more. You can make a lot of money in a lot of different ways. Don’t want to charge for Auction Listings then turn the whole thing into a Free Auction Site and put advertising like Adsense on your site and monetize it that way. Again, the possibilities are endless. has created a very unique auction software application. Our WordPress Auction Plugin is full of the features you need in an Auction Site. Feel free to check out our Auction Software Demo or view the features by clicking the button below.

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