What is Auction Software

What is Auction Software? Auction Software is a program that lets you start a Auction Site like eBay. Users come to your Auction Site and bid on items that other users submit. You can charge your members to submit auctions just like eBay and you will make money and just for the record, eBay brings in around 11 BILLION dollars a year. Yes, that is BILLION with a “B”. So, yes, if you have a niche market Auction Site then you too can make money.

There are many features in the WordPress Auction Plugin that your members will love. Version 2.3 is full of eBay style features that are designed to make you, the Auction Site owner, money. You can charge for submitting a Auction Listing, Bold Listing Fees, Featured Listing Fees, Sidebar Listing fees and more. You can even charge for photos if you want. It’s up to you and the amount you charge is up to you. You can charge a fixed fee or a percentage of their Auction listing. Again, it’s up to you. You can even keep the whole Auction Site free and just add Adsense and make money that way. The possibilities are endless.

What makes our WordPress Auction Plugin so much better than other Auction Software Programs is that it’s a specific plugin designed for WordPress and because it’s for WordPress, your site will get to the top of Google quicker and easier than any stand alone Auction Software Solution.

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