Auction Software Features 2.3

When it comes to Auction Software Features, you need to know what’s in the Auction Software before you buy it right? You also want to make sure that it works. The Auction Software ver 2.3 has a whole list of features that you need in an Auction site. If you don’t have the right features then you’re auction site isn’t going to work. That’s why we have all the features you need in an Auction Software application.

Some of the features that you can charge for in the Auction Plugin are Pay to List, Featured Listings, Featured Sidebar Listings, Bold Listings, Category Featured, Gallery Photos and Home Featured Listings. You set the price for these features and when your members use one of the features in their Auction listing then you make money. Don’t want to charge for the features? Then turn if off. It’s all done via the admin area. No other WordPress Auction Plugin will do this. We have it and it’s in the software.

It doesn’t matter what type of Auction Site you start. With the Category Admin Tool, you’ll be able to create a category structure that fits your sites needs. If you want to focus on an Auction Site that is just for Movie Posters, then you can. Don’t want to do niche market Auction Site? Then leave all the categories in and compete against eBay. It’s up to you. The software also comes with an internal email system where you can contact the Buyers or Sellers for more information. Email a Seller or Buyer straight from their profile page.

The Auction Software has an extensive back end area (Admin Area) where you control everything from Bid Increments to User Maintenance.  Admin Area also has a full accounting system to let you know not only what you have made but what money has been recorded from all the sales of your members. It’s in there plus there’s a lot more.

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