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A WordPress Auction Site lets you setup your own eBay style website where your visitors can register, login and sell their items in an eBay style Auction Site. You charge your visitors to post their Auctions and you keep the money. The best part about our Auction Software is that you can start any type of Auction Site. Because it’s WordPress, you’re Auction Site will get higher on Google results and generate more traffic to your new WordPress Auction Site.

The Auction Software is designed to make you money. You can charge for different things or you can keep it all free and not charge your members. A free Auction Site does have advantages because you can make money from Adsense and or advertising. Again, because it’s a WordPress Auction Site, you’ll be able to target the keywords that you want visiting your Auction Site.

Our system is unique in that when a user wins a Auction Listing, he is automatically sent a payment link. Once he pays that, the seller automatically gets notified that the payment has been made and he can ship the item. It’s all automatic and works beautifully.

We have take a lot of time to rebuild this WordPress Auction Plugin and we have listened to the features that you have requested and we know you’re going to love the new Auction Software. So, be sure to check out the Auction Plugin Demo and let us know what you think.

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