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We have updated the Auction Software demo to the latest version of WordPress, which was just released today, and it’s version 3.3.2. It’s a security update that has addressed a few security issues. We’ve tested the WordPress Auction Plugin on this latest version of WordPress and it works beautifully.

If you haven’t updated your WordPress to version 3.2.2, simply go to your WP Admin area and you’ll see at the top that you need to update it. Simply click the Update and it will update your WordPress to the latest stable version. It’s very important that you update your WordPress and as always, be sure to do a complete backup before you do the update. This should be a rule that you always follow.

If you’re looking for a good backup plugin to backup your WordPress Auction Site, then check out the BackUpWordPress  Plugin by Human Made Limited. Just search for the words “BackUpWordPress”, no quotes, in your plugin area of your Admin area. When you do a backup, set it up for doing Files and Database. Then simply download the zipped file it creates to your computer. That is a good backup that you should do pretty often. The plugin lets you setup a schedule to do it as well. It’s pretty cool.

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