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Looking for Auction Scripts that won’t break your bank? Do you need Auction Software for WordPress that is professional, reliable and with eBay style features? Then be sure to check out the WordPress Auction Plugin and see the difference our Auction Scripts creates. Full of the Auction Plugin features you need in an Auction Script.

The Auction Scripts is a brand new auction script that is perfect for those who want to start their own auction website in minutes. Auction Scripts is a open source php/mysql fully featured auction script. Auction Scripts allow you to start a eBay style Auction Site where members register and post their items for sale. You charge for postings and features and get paid for your Auction Site. Creating niche market Auction Sites will let you corner the Auction site market on niche market Auction Sites. It comes with a fully featured range of administration tools all designed to be user friendly and enable you to easily manage your auction website. Auction Scripts allows you to customize the submission form with your own questions allowing you to tailor the input fields to your own niche market auction website.

No other Auction Scripts will compare to our Auction Software.

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