Auction Software Update Ver 2.8

Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Auction Software, WordPress Auction Plugin | 0 comments

We have just released an update from the previous version of the auction software for WordPress. This new version of the WordPress Auction Plugin has a few fixes as well as a change to the Penny Auction function. We had a few people ask us to make the Penny Auction default if it’s the only auction type selected. So, that’s what we did. Now when you activate only the Penny Auction, you don’t have to worry about users not selecting in during their listing setup. It’s now automatic. We also replaced the way large images were being opened. We thumbnail the listing image and when a user clicks the image, it opens to the original image. In the past if a image was of a large size like 2000×2000 then it would take up the whole screen. Now if there is a photo over 800 pixels then it will resize it to a set size so that it doesn’t take up the whole page. That’s what’s in version 2.8 so all you existing customers can get the update from the Updates...

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Penny Auction Software

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Auction Software, WordPress Auction Plugin | 0 comments

Auction Software version 2.7 now has a unique feature called the Penny Auction Software Feature. What is a Penny Auction you ask? A Penny Auction is a type of pay auction in which all bidders must pay a fee to place each small incremental bid. The auction ends after a period of time, typically about a  day. The last person that bids when the auction ends is the winner of that item. When you sell items as a Penny Auction, users must fund their account before they can bid on listings. You set the price of the bid and then the bid goes up by one penny. You can charge as much as you want or as little as you want for each bid. The more bids, the more money you make. For example, you can sell an iPad for $20 dollars. Start the bidding at $20 dollars and you can charge $5 dollars per bid. If you have 100 people bidding to try to win the iPad then you have just made $500 dollars. The idea is you’re charging users to bid on an expensive item and you make money off the bids. If you want to make money with bids and memberships then add the eMember plugin to your WordPress site and you can charge membership fees for users to bid on the Penny Auctions. To see the Penny Auction Software in action, check out the Penny Auction Demo....

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WordPress Auction Plugin 2.7

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Auction Software, WordPress Auction Plugin | 2 comments

WPAuctionSoftware is pleased to announce the release of version 2.7 of the WordPress Auction Plugin. With new features and functions you’ll just love this new version of the WordPress Auction Software. New features include new SEO Friendly Permalinks for all menu items as well as new auction listings. We’ve also added a new Penny Auction Feature so you can now run a profitable Penny Auction website. We’ve also optimized all the pages so that they now load a lot faster. We’ve also added Payment Processor so you now have PayPal as well as We hope you like version 2.7 of the Auction...

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Auction Software 2.5 is Here

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in Auction Software, WordPress Auction Plugin | 0 comments is pleased to announce the release of the WordPress Auction Plugin version 2.5. The new version of the Auction Software has had a complete overhaul. We’ve completely removed all the tables and replaced them with div tags making it load faster and work with just about any WordPress Theme out there. Not only did we make it faster but we added some new features. Some of the new features include Admin Only Ads. This allows only the admin to post ads and lets all registered users bid on the admin items. We also added a new Featured Category and Featured Ads listing at the top of the auctions page. We also made a change where you don’t have to supply your PayPal email to submit a listing. Of course all these features can be turned on and off via the Admin Area. We hope you like the changes that we put into the Auction Software. If you want to see any features added to the WordPress Auction Plugin then be sure to let us...

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Auction Software 2.5 Update

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Auction Software, WordPress Auction Plugin | 0 comments

This is the March update for the WordPress Auction Software. We’re currently working on version 2.5 and we’ve added a few cool things as well as fixed a few things. Overall it’s going to be a major release. One of the things that we’ve added is featured auctions area on top of the page. This can be turned on/off via the admin area. We’ve also added a new category structure on top of the page as well. You can also turn that on and off if you wish. You can even have them both set to yes and then they rotate. It’s pretty cool. Another feature we’ve added is Admin Only listings. This, when turned On, allows only the admin to post auction listings. Registered users will only be able to bid on auctions. This is great for site owners that sell their own products. If you’re looking to get the WordPress Auction Plugin then be sure to get it now. As of March 31st, the price of the Auction Software will go up to $199. If you get the Auction Software now then you’ll save $50...

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