WPAuction Software Version 5.5.8 Released

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With this release, now you can get an instant email notification for any bid that has taken place on your auction website. All you need to do is set the email id on which you want to receive the notifications. Please login to your Members Area to download the latest version. If you face any problems, please write to us at...

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WPAuction Software Version 5.5.7 Released

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With this release, you can re-list the item which was sold out during the auction. So, if any of your items are popular then you can re-list it on your item bidding list. The re-listing of the item will be for the same period as it was before. Please login to your Members Area to download the latest version. If you face any problems, please write to us at...

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Don’t Let Auction Sniping Kill Your Online Auctions

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Bidding for online auctions is undeniably a game. A fun game, a game that can have many strategies. From the very basic incremental bidding to a troublesome sounding sniping to clear cheating in the form of shill bids. Most importantly, it is an interactive game, where your action depends on the other players’ actions. Each of the strategies, has its up sides and down. Let us talk about auction sniping – why one would do it, why one maybe shouldn’t do it and why do sellers not like it so much. What is Auction Sniping? A snipe bid is one in which the bidder makes his “maximum possible” bid at the “last possible moment”. The two elements of this strategy are the value of bid and its timing. – Maximum possible bid would mean the most that the bidder is willing to pay for the item on auction. This is basically how the bidder values the said item. – This bid is timed in such a way that it makes any other bidder impossible to overbid it. So, if the bid is the highest bid, it is more than likely to win. Of course, this is true only for auctions that have fixed end times. Auction Sniping: Buyer’s point of view Pitfalls: Now, there are many things to consider before calling this a winning strategy from the buyer’s point of view. The strategy assumes that the bidder knows for sure what the true value for the item is. This is untrue in most real-life cases. We can never say how much exactly we are willing to pay for an item without having a baseline to compare with. Secondly it assumes, that the bid will definitely be higher than other bids. Or in case of proxy bids, nobody’s proxy bid will go beyond the auction sniper’s bid. Why is the buyer sniping? Considering the practical issues, why would a buyer snipe at all then? For one, it is a relatively low maintenance considering there is a hoard of inexpensive software out there which can do it for you. Secondly, it makes all the right noises as far as winning at best price goes. Anyone who is selling sniping software makes very good arguments and claim near 100% winners. Last and most importantly, there is a good chance the bidder will get to buy at a much lower price than if they were bidding incrementally. Consider how the two strategies work. The idea is that instead of bidding many times from when the auction opens, you bid just once at the fag end of the auction. The bidding psychology in the first strategy, is such that the bidder is gauging what...

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Should I set up a ‘Buy Now’ price for my online auctions?

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How an online auction site sets up rules for “Buy It Now” and “Reserve” prices varies from site to site. From when the “Buy It Now” option is unavailable even if it is setup to when the reserve price is made known to bidders, the terms and conditions are different for every site. Also the fee levied on such options varies with each site. It will do you well, to go through the specific rules of the site you are using to sell your product thoroughly. As usual, when buying you should be cognizant of additional shipping charges, etc. The common understanding of these terms though are worthy of discussion.   “Buy Now” Online Auctions An online auctions website can allow you to have a “Buy It Now” price for an item you have put up for sale. In such a case, the bidder can opt to buy the item right away at the said price instead of participating in an auction. This automatically ends the sale. Since we are talking about online auctions, we are only looking at cases in which the “Buy Now” feature is used along with an auction. It should be noted though that some sites will allow you to have only “Buy Now” sales. This would then function like any other online sale. The various related rules that an auction site could have are as follows: – Category: The “Buy Now” option might be available only for a certain type of items in online auctions. – Price: The “Buy Now” price has to be a certain % above the start price. – Feature disabled: The “Buy Now” feature could be disabled as soon as the first bid is placed. Or it could be disabled when it reaches a certain % of the reserve price. Price determination: The tricky part then is to determine what the “Buy Now” price should be. One strategy could be to keep an eye on similar products and see how they have fared in online auctions to determine the “Buy Now” price. Another alternative could be to arrive at a price that you are willing to accept for the product. Basically, you don’t want to regret it if a bidder opts for the “Buy Now” option you have for them. Benefits: – Control: Having a “Buy It Now” options lets you have some control over the price. It also gives direction to the auction. When a bidder sees the said price, they are less likely to start bidding a lot below that price. – Speed: As the auction space has grown, ironically enough, people who make on “Buy Now” purchases have increased. These are most likely people who want the product...

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Live Online Auctions Without Auction Software – Impossible

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As your live online auctions and auction business becomes more popular and grows, the one beautiful problem it will bring along is increase in traffic and transactions. Many a online auction businesses start out with manually managing the auction one at a time. For example, you might have used the comments section to monitor the auction. Or alternately, you might have had bidders call or e-mail you and updated the website accordingly. The many problems with such a manual auction management system are self-evident as compared to Live Online Auctions: A time-consuming process: It requires more than 100% of your time. If live online auctions is on, you have to be up and about to monitor any glitches or trouble-shooting it might require. Lots of room for manual errors: After all that effort, a manual auction system is no where close to being perfect. Of course, no system is going to be 100% error-free but a manual system, that requires frequent and similar type of updates is bound to have a larger share of errors when compared to an automated system. Looks and is amateurish: A manual system is bound to be look and be unprofessional. In this era of automation for even courier delivery, a manual system is primitive. You can’t blame a bidder for not taking you too seriously and gravitating towards the more automated systems of auction. Less control to bidders: The move towards automated systems by users will also be a function of how much control users can have when they are logged into an automated system that allows them to keep track of their own actions and monitor auctions they are interested in. Breaks down with higher volumes: A manual system is invariably going to crack under the pressure of higher volumes in both number of transactions and the bidding itself. The cost of losing business has to be pitted against the cost of auction software for live online auctions. Little scope of adding features: These are times of more and more functions and features being offered to a site user. It is impossible to compete with feature rich auction software using manual systems of auction. These features become even more important when your auction is live. Using auction software for live online auctions is practically inevitable to move to an automated system for your own good. This is not that bad because there are loads and loads of auction software options out there which are feature rich and have a whole load to offer. The only reason for you to stay with the manual method is that either your volume is low or the frequency of your auctions is less. As soon as...

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