WPAuctionSoftware.com is pleased to announce the release of a new Free Auction Software for WordPress. The new free WordPress Auction Plugin can be downloaded from the Downloads Page.

The Free Auction Software lets you start an auction site like eBay. Our Auction Software is different than other Auction Plugins because you control the auction site. With features that let your registered users submit auctions and fully automated with the PayPal payment gateway, you’ll be ready to go.

Do note that the free version does not contain all the features that the Pro Version and Developers Version has. The Free Auction Software has all the features of the Pro and Developers with the exception of Fixed Price Auctions, YouTube Videos, Featured Listing Sidebar Widget, Quick Search Sidebar Widget, 80 Plus Premium Themes and access to the Support Forums.

The Free Auction Software for WordPress comes with the Install Guide.

Update: Please note that as of March 13, 2013, the auction software is no longer available for free.