Auction Software Programs let you install a full featured Auction Website just like eBay. With all the features you’re needing in a Auction Software. Auction Software Programs are designed to make you money in that you can charge users to submit Auctions. You can also charge them for Featured Listings, Bold Listings, Front Page Listings, Sidebar Featured Listings, Image Galleries and more. The possibilities for setting up an Auction Site with the WordPress Auction Plugin are endless.

Our Auction Software Programs for WordPress also comes with over 70 Premium WordPress Themes. The theme you see on the demo comes with the Auction Software along with 75 other Premium WordPress Themes giving you over 70 different looks and feels for your Auction Site. No other Auction Software provider can do that. Check out the Auction Software Themes.

We invite you to check out the Auction Software Demo and see for yourself. It’s a full working demo and you can login as the default user or create your own to see the flow through.

Auction Software Features