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Need a Custom Auction Site?

Standard Auctions

Let users bid the normal way they do in auctions with standard auctions.

Penny Auctions

Charge users to start bidding on a item using Penny auctions.

Fixed Auctions

Set a fixed price bid or your items using fixed auctions type.

eBay Style Auction Site

Have an eBay style auction site where users can buy as well as sell items.

PayPal &

PayPal and integrated for smooth transactions. PayPal integration available for seller also.

Advanced Search

Search any auction using the advanced search. Category search, tag search available for specific searches.

Internal Invoicing

Automatic PayPal invoices which also includes the link for payment via PayPal.

Integrated Mailing System

Buyers and sellers can exchange emails using the internal mailing system. No need to use any external system.

Digital Products

Sell ebooks, software or any digital good. Upon winning the auction, buyer can will receive a download link.

Schedule Auctions

Specify start and end dates for your auction for scheduling auctions for future.

Featured Listings Widget

Earn extra with the featured listing widget to show featured auctions and charge a premium for those listings.

Multisite Compatible

Fully compatible with WordPress’ multisite setups. Don’t let mutisite network be a hindrance.


Mobile users are crucial. WPAuctionSoftware creates responsive auctions which looks beautiful on mobile devices too.

Bid Watch

Get stats on your auctions right away with the watch feature.

Internal Invoicing

When a Seller sells an item then the Buyer who wins the item is automatically sent an invoice and that invoice includes the Sellers Paypal information. The invoice also includes the link for payment via PayPal.

Launch Your Auctions Site Today

Get the Best Auction Plugin for just $67/Year

Or, we will build a complete auctions site for you. Get a quote

Build Customized Standard/Forward Auction, Penny Auction or Fixed Auction website with our WPAuctionSoftware. The plugin is optimized for all devices. We setup a complete working site for you.

Go Online with WPAuction Software

We setup a customized, completed Auction Website for your business. If you are starting up a new business or an established business, we have a solution for you.

Custom WordPress Auction Solution WordPress Plugin can be used on any WordPress Website. It can also be customized to your specific business requirement. We work within your budgets to get your site up and running within a month.

Your Own WP Auction Marketplace

Standard Auction : Sellers can use Forward Auctions to sell their items to many potential buyers. The Standard or Forward auctions are electronic type of auctions. This is similar to type of Auctions. Buyers bid for the items they are interested in. They can also watch items and get notifications for Auction Price changes. The highest bidder wins the item. With snipping protection enabled, prevent false bids by bots.
Penny Auction : Participants must pay a non-refundable fee for each small incremental bid on the Auction.
Fixed Auction: You can setup Auctions with Fixed Bid Prices. Anyone can buy the item right away for the right price.
Earn Income: Earn for listing fees, Promotional or Marketing Fees. With more than 10 different ways to make money by getting users to list auctions on your Website.




This was exactly what I was looking for. WPAuctionSoftware has provided me with features and functionalities that makes a perfect auctions site.


I love the way sellers can get paid through the site. It is a very useful and simple to use plugin having integrated payment system.

Thomas B.

I just love your software. It is by far the best auction plugin with all the features and at a reasonable price. Their support is also good.

Thomas B.

Thank you so much for helping us get it setup. It’s awesome!


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